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Graphic Design

Captivate audiences with compelling content, conveying brand identity and messaging effectively across various marketing channels for enhanced engagement and impact.

Custom Illustration

Distinctively portray brand narratives, capturing attention and fostering memorable connections with audiences through unique custom storytelling.

Presentation Design

Craft visually captivating slides, conveying complex ideas simply, engaging audiences, and leaving lasting impressions to drive effective communication and influence.

Motion Graphics

Bring brands to life with dynamic visuals, enhancing storytelling and audience engagement through captivating animations and video content.

Video Editing

Elevate brand storytelling with polished videos, seamless transitions, and compelling narratives, captivating audiences and driving engagement across digital platforms.

Artificial Intelligence

Revolutionize creatives with generative AI. We use Adobe Photoshop AI to drive innovative ads, and impactful customer experiences.

AdQuantics is a highly analytical digital team that excels in navigating numbers. This enables them to provide data-driven recommendations and advertising ideas. They are nimble and proactive problem-solvers, contributing effectively to overcoming challenges as a team.

— Ashwathy Sreenivasan | WPP

Our Think-Tank Process

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Define Objectives

Establish clear goals, target audience, and messaging guidelines to align creative efforts with marketing objectives and audience preferences.


Ideation & Conceptualization

Brainstorm and explore diverse ideas, concepts, and visual approaches, fostering creativity and innovation to meet project requirements effectively.


Design Development

Translate chosen concepts into tangible designs, incorporating feedback and revisions iteratively to refine and enhance visual assets for maximum impact.


Review & Approval

Present designs to stakeholders for review, gathering feedback and ensuring alignment with objectives, brand guidelines, and audience expectations.


Finalization & Delivery

Implement final changes, prepare files for delivery, and distribute completed designs across relevant channels, ensuring a seamless and successful creative execution.

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